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Neo-Girl and the Neon Preservation Society

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Neo-girl and the neon preservation society

The Roxy Rose / Neo-Girl Story

In the 1930s Roxys grandfather Rio Score Sr learned the art of neon glass blowing from two of the cornerstone companies of the neon industry. Federal Sign and QRS Neon. Rio was noticed as one of the most efficient glassblowers, and was therefor promoted to efficiency expert in the neon department. In 1946 Rio Score moved to Glendale California and started a company by the name of Alert Lite Neon. In 1950 Roxys father Rio Score Jr joined the team of glass blowers at alert Lite Neon.

(Neo-Girl and the neon preservation society has applied for 501.(c),(3) non-profit status and is awaiting IRS approval.)

Our Mission

Our Mission statement is to educate and inform the public on preserving old school neon glass blowing techniques, artifacts and knowledge , as well as conserving iconic neon signage and neon art.

Neo-Girl and the Neon Preservation Society is committed to providing a safe inclusive ,and equitable space which welcomes people from all walk of life to admire and create their own works of art. We do this by providing educational hands-on workshops and courses, staffed, directed, and facilitated entirely by the LGBTQIA+ community.

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45 Years of Experaiance
Highly Creative Vision
Old School Neon Glassblowing
Neon Design Workshops
Make your own Neon Art
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